Friday, March 27, 2009

{little ladies} - austin area family photographer

My beautiful subjects this Sunday were 4 lovely ladies and one pretty pooch! I had fun with this mother and her 3 girls (which was sweet for me since I have 3 girls also). They were charming and fun, and so easy to capture. I love how real and fresh this session was, and I look forward to working with these gorgeous girls in the future.

{ ladies }

Brett Dennen is singing "She's Mine" as my music musing today. He's one of my favorites, love his unique voice.

{ ladies }

Thanks for stopping by and for all the loving comments, I really, really am touched and grateful for my readers! Thanks ever so much once again~



carole said...

Beautiful! Love the backdrop

Lisa~ said...

I LOVE the background. and as you can see in the post above, us two 'disgruntled' posters are not your only ones. ;) You got fans baby!

Maria said...

Great photos, as were the ones of your daughters :) Just beautiful.

I hope the sun will come out soon and wipe away the clouds from your life :hug:

Rebekah said...

Very pretty, love the greens & blues!

Hana said...

These are just lovely! Great location! Hope you are well! :o)

threelittlebirds said...

such a beautiful little family and a sweet connection between mother and daughters. hope you're well. xo, mindy