Wednesday, July 8, 2009

and so we drench

It's how it has to be when you live in Texas and it's over 100 degrees every single day... swimming is a must. So here are some pictures of our little poolside spectacle.

the good, the bad, and the colorful ;)

Snow cones are pretty much a necessity in the summer. However, this was the first time Masyn and Evelyn had ever had one!
*Masyn would like to add a note here.... "All our tongues match our swim suits."
She is soooooo OCD.


So, we have this little game in the pool...basically I throw this wet ball and everyone else tries to catch it... (so much fun for me, let me tell you). Occasionally though, I get a helper who throws too, and this is Masyn's "throw face" that I just LOVE!! She is so intense and honestly, she has a darn good arm for a 5 year old.

self portrait with a portrait lens = up close and very personal

Yeah, yeah, I tried to take one of myself too, to prove that I was there during this time in the girl's life. I seriously think that they will question my existence one day because there are so few pictures of us together.....because I am always taking the pictures. *Note to self: Invest in a remote for The Beast.


Avery was soaking up some serious sun here. Everything about this is reflective, I swear my lens was screaming in pain when I took this picture. "Too bright Amelia, too bright!!" And I politely answered back "SHUT IT!"

cute before the storm

My darling little Evelyn Blair! She wears out pretty quick in the sun, so it's imperative that I snap her before she gets in the pool. If I miss that precious moment before she is submerged...all hope of a happy picture is lost, because either 1. her eyes are closed, or 2. she is crying to go get food.

{growing up}

Another picture of Avery (who, the little narcissist that she is since her P-word post, will be thrilled to see herself again).... looking way too grown up. I love this new phase in her life, but oh boy does it ever make me feel old!!!

Music musing selection is "Juicy" by Better Than Ezra.



Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Can I come over and swim with you and the girls? :) Loving these pictures, I can't believe how fast your girls are growing up Amelia! Hug them tight.

BTW, I loved seeing a pic of you today! Missing you terribly, so it was awesome to see my gorgeous friend. Love you!

Megan said...

Love summertime fun! I also noticed that their tongues matched their suits too! LOL

I feel the same way about my kids questioning my existence or if I ever went on any vacations or did things with them! LOL - I am ALWAYS behind the camera. I think it's a mother's curse.......

Amelia said...


Yes, Daria you can absolutely come swim with us!!

Megan~ I seriously agree that Eve cursed us with invisibility in the lives of our children.

carole said...

That picture of you is SO cool, love it with the background music! I want a snow cone now. great summertime post, I love it!!!!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

cute smirk Amelia!

Your girls are so darn cute, sophisticated (miss Avery that is) and well it all looks like a good time to me!

wish it felt hot enough, long enough to do a pool/lake side day. It keeps raining here! what is up? this is calgary not seattle or something. I digress.

You made me wish I had a snow cone!

PamperingBeki said...

LOOOVE these summery pictures!!

Isn't it crazy hard to take a picture of yourself without a point and shoot?! I can almost never do it. Awkward.

Loving this song too. Great find.

Erin said...

hahaha I'm really OCD too and noticed immediately that the snow cones matched the swimsuits! Your little ones are so adorable!

nic said...

the snowcone shot is (of course) my fave; you capture summer perfectly. glad you are able to be up and about! :) xo!

Rebekah said...

hahahahaha - tongues matching the swimsuits!!

rhembein said...