Sunday, August 16, 2009

fresh - {austin area newborn photographer}

I have been very lucky to have been asked to photograph a beautiful friend throughout her pregnancy. Yesterday was a most gratifying shoot....I got to snap pictures of her new little baby boy. He's so precious and still so fresh. I forget what it's like to see such a tiny baby and to hear their itty bitty wimpering cries. I really, really love my job(s)!!


His nursery is decorated with a western theme so this is to blow up for his wall.


Or perhaps black and white... I'm partial to the black and white.


Ray LaMontagne is singing one of my favorite mellow tunes "Empty."

Stay tuned for an update of why I've been SOOOO quiet lately...lots going on!



Megan said...

oh what a lucky little guy to get such great photos of himself so fresh and new.

wonderful job Miss A. I am anxious to know what you are have been up to.....????.... :)

Heather Georger said...

He is so handsome!!!!

Amelia said...

Thank you ladies!!


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I just did a baby shoot today too!! You forget how quickly they lose those brand new noises. Felix is getting big already and I am just not ready for it!

Love this buckeroo!

nic said...

excellent, my friend. newborns always leave me washed with how you've captured this feeling.