Thursday, September 3, 2009

{dream baby} - austin area newborn photographer

I have read and re-read the book "The Baby Whisperer." In the pages of that book there is described, a baby that is so good natured and happy that it will just go along with anything and hardly ever fuss. Tracy Hogg calls this the "Angel Baby." I met him Tuesday. This little guy was sleeping or just sort of taking it easy the whole shoot. His daddy moved him around and we woke him up, but he would just drift back to sleep, only fussing a little at the very end of our hour session. This little Mr. is most definitely the type of baby that every mother hopes for, and it was a privilege to photograph him. A huge "Thank You" to his beautiful mama and super helpful daddy for having me in your home to capture this precious stage of his life!

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

{baby jax}

Also some music provided by a favorite band of mine, "Band Of Horses." Enjoy~



threelittlebirds said...

what a sweet, sweet, baby. so pretty amelia.

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Oh he's just too sweet!!!!! Great job Amelia, you captured some beautiful moments.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Sweet!! Perfect location! I love it when people have great style in their home towork with. My fave place to shoot babies, well not shoot, photograph! He looks like he smells good!

Well done!

mamapickle said...

I just love coming to your blog. You take beautiful pictures. It almost makes me want another baby just to have you take the pictures! And I love your tunes as well. Hope you don't mind me blog stalking. you have a great one :)