Thursday, March 11, 2010

{ one picture } ~ austin area child photographer

Just a snippet from a session last week with a really stunning little boy. His eyes are mesmerizing, they literally jump off the screen in almost every frame I shot that day. *sigh* I'd for sure trade my muddy-brown-green-eyes for crystal blue beauties like this mini man has.

{ 6 months }

Aside from this session, I'm working a LOT at my full time job. The girls and I are doing good and looking forward to summer like mad women. I forecast lots of time by the pool, many cups of lemonade, peppered with a few visits to gobble up yummy frozen yogurt, and a few road trips if for no other reason than to have genuinely wind blown hair from the rolled down windows and open sunroof. Oh summer, please come quickly!!!



shelli said...

By the way, great photos! ....but I need you to blog! I am going through some crud in my life and I need an Amelia post :) Anything... just write "hi" I'm single mom hear me roar... cause I'm entering a similar boat. You're a bright light to womenkind :)

Hana said...

Hi Amelia!
Just stopping by to say hello. I realized I haven't been here in a very long time. Hope you are well. Cute little boy in the photo! Happy Thursday!

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