Thursday, August 12, 2010

{ fading + changing } ~ austin area photographer

This summer my hair has faded a great deal and recently I have even been called "redhead" which I disagree with. However, it matches the things in my life changing. I promised I would let you all know as soon as I could, and now I can begin to reveal what swift changes are occurring in my life.

I have resigned from my retail job. It's been awesome, but approaching 29, I can't see myself doing that forever. I want to take more pictures, write more stories, and touch more lives. What can I say?...I dream BIG.

{ red }

I have a job in mind that I am anxiously awaiting news about and my ardent hope is that it has come into my life for a reason and it will work out. I'm still searching in the meantime so that I can knock on all possible opportune doors.



donya said...

Good luck with the possible job! You definitely dream big, and it's truly inspiring. :)

Lisa~ said...

ok so maybe you could let go of more than one "nugget" at a time! hehe I love reading about what you have been up to... You know how to keep people wanting more thats for sure! ;)

Taylor said...

You're going to do fabulously on whatever road you take! I'm proud of you for having the courage to take the next step. Love you!!

Priscilla Resendez said...

Dreaming big is how great things were achieved...go for it. You will get many no's before you hear that one yes...always remember that and dont let it get you down and by far..and I always tell my girls this...NEVER, EVER let someones "oh you cant do that" get in your lifes path. GOOD LUCK SWEETIE!