Sunday, June 19, 2011

{ june's triumvirate } ~ austin area photographer

It's our second summer without Avery. She is away at her 5 week camp having a grand time. We miss her, but we certainly take advantage of our time to run a little extra wild and have adventures all our own.

We have been good about sleeping in a little, but not too late. It's nice to get up and make breakfast for the littles and have some coffee, then I force myself to work out and let the girls play or argue or whatever they feel like doing while I jam out on the treadmill for a couple miles. Typically they have been fighting over Avery's iPod which she wasn't allowed to take to camp. Finally we've worked out a time agreement, they take 30 minute turns. Here is little Evelyn playing some very intense game during one of her half hours....

{ to play }

Super serious.

{ concentration }

My doober-doo is getting so smart and growing up so fast. I truly wish I could freeze time and just enjoy her this way for a long time, I'm not sure that I am ready to lose these days.

{ my doo is a deep soul }

I have been much better about taking pictures of our outings and even just our time inside lounging around. These moments where we can run wild at the pool, go hiking, sit and share treats at coffee shops, treasure hunt in vintage stores, and visit with friends are something I love. Summer is most assuredly my favorite time of year. I kind of just wish we could live like vagabonds and travel the U.S. on smiles and winks.

Here are some pictures of what "rest time" can turn into at my house. ;)

{ junebugs at play }

{ junebugs at love }

{ junebugs wrestling }

Much more to share but once again limited on time. I swear that I will get internet at home again, this having to drive places is ridiculously inconvenient.



Lisa M. said...

saw the babes at GCF today, miss them:( they grow more each time they are away! Love seeing them grow through your pictures:)

*reyanna klein* said...

Awww! I'm sure you guys miss Avery TONS, but it looks like you're having a good summer so far! :-) They are too cute!

Karen Goldberg said...

I love them. I really do.