Monday, December 12, 2011

{ santa dear } ~ austin area photographer

Christmas time is here and all around I face reminders that there is shopping to be done. regrettably, shopping for gifts is almost always something I have to do last minute because I can't restrain myself from giving something right away. I love gift giving, from what I can recall of years past I also love receiving gifts (especially cash). I am also a firm believer in giving gifts that people truly want and ask for rather than trying to surprise them with something I "thought they would love!" That being my motto, I always ask my girls for their Christmas wish list. I find them greatly entertaining so I thought I would share them with you friends as I share our photo shoot for the holiday season, I love these beauties so much and had a ball taking all the pictures you are about to see.


A little game we call "Everyone Kiss Avery!"








Avery's list:




Nice journals (that's my girl!)


Masyn's list:

A laptop (still wishing from last year)

A cell phone

New athletic style tennis shoes (because all she has now are Converse)


Evelyn's list:

Everything same as Masyn with these additions...

A wooden doll house, with all the pieces and accessories (I'm not making this up, those were her exact words)

An American Girl doll


Now my list:

A vacuum cleaner

Max and Chloe gold necklace

More Prada "Candy" perfume

Lulu Lemon gift card(s)


Incense and candles

I'm pretty content but a girl can always have a wish list :)

Happy Holidays to each of you and I'll be posting an update soon so you can follow along the exciting journey I have jumped into!!

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*reyanna klein* said...

WOW! Okay, I've said it before, but your girls are GORGEOUS! I'm thinking Avery *may* need to be a model. Well, all of them do, really. LOL. :-)

Beautiful, Amelia!

nic said...

i know i say this like ten thousand times a day, but your girls are SO gorgeous. and i love e's pants!

stunning shoot, amelia.

gillian said...

I will be echoing the others... your girls are gorgeous - like their mama.

Love the photos hun! Lovely fun!!


Victoria - Washington Boudoir Photographer said...

Great photos, hope Masyn got that laptop!

ruby buttons said...

Love the colors in these pictures! Your girls are incredibly beautiful, just like their mum.( I hope Evelyn got her American girl doll, my twenty-somethings still talk dreamily about their Am girl doll days).