Thursday, May 7, 2015

{ scratch } - yogi. writer. austin, tx

On a cloudy day not long ago the sun broke through and pierced my shoulders with her graceful heat.
The line of my clothing visible long after I took them off.
Light left her mark and infused me with life.
When the sun hits my skin I respond, my shoulders curl back and I look up.
Through leaves it cuts a line of steely strength and vibrance, I see spots.
Cool shadows melt and make space for a warmth so tangible you can wrap your hands around it.
Pound, pound, pound.
The faster I go the more the dance builds.
Partnership of sweat and breath.
Each increase of my temperature encourages a sweet inhale of cool and waft of air.
A stubborn spirit and anxious mind propel the flame.
On a cool day I cupped my hands over my mouth and exhaled hot breath just to feel alive.
My ears prickled with pain and my head moaned to rest.
The memory of Summer a distant film on a dirty, fading cinema screen.
It's time to feel hot sand under my back again, time to be lit on fire from the outside in.
The brightness is so close that I can see it on the horizon even with my eyes shut.
Go, go, go.
Go get your dream sweetheart, tuck the purple into your heart, and live this blessed life.

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