Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Biggest Girl

I snapped a few pictures the other night before church. Maybe one of the most natural pictures of Avery I have ever been able to capture when she knew I was taking her picture. Believe it or not, Avery just turned 8 in October, 2006. I'm not sure how she got that old when she was only born 4 years ago.....I must have slept too much somewhere along the way. Avery loves to read, enjoys school (okay), and will be playing softball for the first time this year....she is very excited and shows promise as a catcher (just like Daddy!).

I suppose I have embarrassed her enough now....she wouldn't like it if she knew I was posting this. :o) What are moms for if not to brag on their kiddos?



Amy said...

What a beautiful girl Amelia! I didn't know you had an older child.

Amelia said...

Thanks Amy!