Thursday, January 4, 2007

My Little "Helper" At Work

Around here I have been putting much emphasis on the girl's elationships

and loving one another. Masyn is really taking to heart the issue of helping her sisters out. For example, this morning it appears that she decided to give Evelyn a few more Cheerios while I took the laundry to the playroom....

What you are seeing here is an ENTIRE box of Cheerios on Evy's walker try! I'm sorry for the shady pictures, but I couldn't risk turning the lights on and alerting the girls to my taking pictures of them.

Oh how they keep me young and laughing!



Sandra McG said...

This was soooo hilarious and adorable!! The photos aren't too dark, either. Rachel was 2 on Oct 30 , somewhat younger than Masyn, but this is just the kind of "helpful thing" she would do (plus she can't get enough of Cheerios herself!). Thanks for sharing this funny event!

Debbie said...

Love the pics, Amelia. They are soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!


Leah said...

LOL! What a priceless moment! You just have to throw the technical side of photography out the window when it comes to things like this. It's just getting it recorded that counts.
I love these images!

Amelia said...

Thanks ladies, this gave me a good laugh for the day!!


Carrie said...

You can never have too many little helpers! Especially when they are as cute as Masyn!! :)Gotta love it!