Monday, December 31, 2007

Whoa...tomorrow is 2008?

Belated Merry Christmas to you all!! I hope you each enjoyed a great holiday season and have a fun evening planned to ring in the New Year!

I've been running around with Christmas bustle and taking pictures, trying to learn the feel of my new Canon. She's been affectionately named "The Beast." I love her, we're beginning to listen to each other and understand that we can work together to capture some of life's most beautiful moments. Today (well I am crossing my fingers that the FedEx man can do for me what Brown did and deliver within 2 days of ordering...) we will be joined by a new friend, I have ordered a lens to help "The Beast" and I attain even better images. Merry Christmas Amelia....

The girls racked up. We have toys strewn across the living room, playroom, and both bedrooms. They got some pretty high tech stuff this year. It's funny to see Masyn and Evelyn Bi-Podding with earbobs as they listen to Masyn's new Backyardigan's CD on her new Hello Kitty CD player. Avery hasn't stopped begging to add new music to her little MP3 Player. I know for sure that I live in a fast paced, technologically driven era...Evelyn just came in and cried "get on Interneck." Geez.

Tonight we will play games and countdown, I am excited, but it means one day closer to the big 2-6. Not entirely sure I like that, but hey, what's a girl to do aside from buying expensive age defying cream?!

Happy 2008 everyone, I'll be back soon....when I have a moment to post some of my new pictures and fun stuff I have been working on!!!



RWA said...

"Interneck"...that's hilarious.

My nephew is six, and he can get on the internet to play games quicker than I can find a home page.

He also got an MP3 player for Christmas. I wouldn't have imagined he would know what to do with one, but he does.

Hope y'all have a Happy New Year.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!


ENJOY LIFE said...

I love your stories about your family and named appliances!! You make me laugh!!

This will make you feel young....the big 2-6 is WAY better than being around the corner of the HUGE 4-2. Still can't wrap my brain around that. LOL

Happy New Year!

PamperingBeki said...

Happy New Year!! Can't wait to see your new updates. :)

Lisa~ said...

Ah I see you decided to name her;) Grea name, she must be a handfull! lol Happy new years and Happy birthday!!