Monday, September 22, 2008

for the love of boots

For five years (actually more, but I feel generous) I have wanted boots. Of course I have a certain pair in mind, something I have never quite been able to find. Oh there have been close imitations, boots I could wear and enjoy, but not truly the ideal boots, and for the cost....I need the ideal boots.

Today I went into a boot shop and fell madly smitten for a pair I would never have guessed... they are everything I never knew I always wanted. Problem, of course. These boots are insanely high priced. For boots, I hear that this is quite reasonable, but right now they remain a "want" item for me, as my dear late PawPaw would say.

I will accept donations toward these boots if anyone feels so inclined. ;o)


There you see my lovely boots. I first saw the little bird, which is a total addiction I have. Next was the gorgeous maple color, they are rich like syrup and just as sweet. They feel amazing on, I could wear them all day and still want to sleep in them (at least I am guessing that is how I would feel).

I thought it appropriate to post my music musing to match my feelings about these great boots. This new song from the Jonas Brothers (I know, I'm too old to like them and I really don't love them most of the time, but this song is way cute) is called "Love Bug" and it's just perfect for my leather-lusting-night.

* Note on photography *
I am currently booking senior sessions so please feel free to email me about setting up an appointment!

xo- Amelia


Lisa~ said...

I'm not a boot girl by ny stretch of the imagination but those are perty darn cute! and I can see you wearing them with some sassy cute outfit too! cant wait to see the pics I know you will be posting once you buy them!

as for donating to the cause, I will definatley do so via some picture money when you come down to get pics of all my kiddos;)


KU Reunion said...

Those are so cute!!

And I do really like that new song by the Jonas Bros. ;-)