Sunday, September 14, 2008

humor me

I decided to share my random thoughts about music/musicians/videos... or who knows what else. I will call this my "music musings."

The playlist with start and you will have to read to learn why the current song is what I have selected.

Today I chose "Crush" by David Archuleta. Not solely for the fact that I like the song, I have something else to share regarding this.

Has anyone actually seen this guy?! He looks 10, sounds 25, and I do believe I am the last person on the earth to hear of him. I have been boycotting American Idol ever since the night Chris Daughtry was kicked off, so I had no idea this kid was such a...well...kid! I promise, if I just saw his picture I would totally think he was like 11 or 12, but he is 17! I need to find out what moisturizer he uses.

Now I am off, going to take banana bread out of the over and perhaps brave a trip to the pool with my two youngest girls.

xo~ Amelia


~love said...

oh, are hard to find! =) i thought you were gone, as the address i had no longer worked. but, i see you now after your comment on nic's page. =)

anyway--your girls are cute, as always, below. and i didn't watch american idol, but totally remembered david archuletta from star search when he was like 8! =)

good to hear from you again! =)

Sandi said...

How funny! I had the exact same conversation with Dustin last night. :) Are you coming to Houston in October?


Lisa~ said...

You are not the only one sister, he was one of my top 3 faves this past year! LOooove him and he is so cute and humble too, awesome voice!! TTYS