Sunday, February 22, 2009

in wonder

Sitting in contemplation, beckoning to all my strength to follow my instruction.
A battle between mind, heart, will, choice, future, longing, past, and a lifetime hangs in the balance.

It is in this place, this difficult, tumultuous, head case place...that I now find myself wondering.
I wonder how long I have been here?
I wonder if I will escape, unscathed and unbiased.
I wonder whether my feelings will be high or low, from day to day.

Each day is a new adventure.
Adventures are not always easy, not always fun, but I will learn something every day.
Embrace the good days, rise above the hard days, treasure in my heart the lessons I am being taught.

If ignorance is bliss, than bliss is mine.
For there is nothing concrete about this place of wonder I now tarry in.
I'm here to grow, to dream, to love, to release, and live unabashedly.

For now, my wondering builds my honesty and my patience.



nic said...

without knowing the specifics of your tumult, your description makes me think i've been here...still am here some days, really.

to find blessing in the midst of the turmoil is rare indeed. you're weathering this beautifully, sweets. and i am praying for you.

Rebekah said...

Interesting thoughts... the road of our entire lives really is a journey full of hills (and a few mountains) and valleys, of times of feeling settled and times of feeling all out of whack.

To rise above the bad days is a difficult task, indeed. I am always thankful that "His mercies are new every morning."