Friday, February 13, 2009

up close with my growing girls

here is a closer look at Masyn and Evelyn... my two girls who almost share a birthday and for that matter, they almost share a holiday themed birthday! Masyn turned 5 on February 12th and Evelyn is 3 years old today, the 13th.

My how time flies.

{5 years} - boss lady


the boss of all, servant to none. She is full of life and spirit. The funniest things come from her mouth, and though she is almost mean at times (she is my character clone), people can't help but forgive and love her! I always look forward to seeing her smile, hearing her next crazy comment, and kissing and holding her. It's really killing me that she is now 5, soon she will have to use 2 hands she show her age, I'm not ready. Can I just freeze her, just like she is in this picture?

Actually, I do love to see her grow and become even more unique and outspoken (although it causes me great embarrassment at times when she offends people). I'm excited to see what her life will be like and how she will impact the world around her, I know it will be big, she's too dynamic to not stir something up.

{3 years} - charming


I've been wondering if we would make it through the last few months with my girlie here. She has been really, really tough to handle. Lots of fits and crying, aka "the terrible 2's." I believed the TT's to be an urban legend, I thought that 18 months was the hardest phase.... Evelyn proved me wrong. She hit 2 1/2 and things started to happen that I wasn't ready for. Though she was behaving wildly at times and testing my patience and guidance as a mother, she has always been the most affectionate and loving child ever.

The last few days have seen Evelyn in much improved moods though, I feel like I am seeing a light at the end of that TT-tunnel. She's not 100% obedient yet, and yes, there are still tantrums that are pretty intense, but I think she is getting the message that crying does not equal getting her way. Oh the hard times of saying "no" when I want to say "yes," all the time outs and discipline, I think they are paying off. Now if I could just get her to stop trying to tinkle standing up...



MomRaun said...

I wish I had been with the girls yesterday and today to squeeze and squish hug them!!! I can't believe how fast they are growing up....almost as fast as my own babies!!! Happy Birthday, my sweeties!!

nomi said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girls!

Tonya said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful little ladies!!



Hana said...

You've been tagged w/ Honest Scrap Award! See my blog for details!

nic said...

teehee...the tinkling whilst standing is too'd think she had a passel of older brothers. :)

happy birthday, masyn and evelyn.

Angie said...

Ah, they are as sweet as ever. Was browsing around and thought I'd check in and see what you are up to. Glad to read you are doing well!

Wow and you've moved to Austin? You might remember that we lived in Round Rock and worked in Austin. Hope you are settling in ok.

Happy birthday to your girls!

Blissful Nikki said...

look at these sweet girls! I just love their expressions!

Tracy dee said...

LMBO! I LOVE that little free spirit soul in her! hehehe

Rebekah said...

Happy birthday to your girls! So you can relate to me about the craziness of close birthdays!!

Chelsea said...

I tagged your blog as brilliant!

Love ya!


donya said...

I hope one day I too have such amazingly sweet girls (or boys) as you do. :)