Saturday, October 17, 2009

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The first sneak from the wedding I shot in September. Isn't Miss J a gorgeous bride?!

I chose a few of my favorites from what I have finished so far... I have SOOO many more to go through it's a bit absurd, but sweet that there were so many special moments to capture. When I shoot it's always about a story going on in my head, I guess it's how I see everything in life, there is always something more than what meets the eye. These are my favorites because I feel like I can clearly see the deeper meaning and feel exactly what I felt when I decided to press down on the shutter button....

I've known J and her father a long time, and they are both strong people. This tender moment passing between them is priceless. I want to print this on a giant canvas just because I think it's so special and a photo that years from now will mean even more to them than it does now. I wish I had more photos with my dad...he's the best man/daddy I've ever known.

{ father +  daughter }

J seemed so calm and yet so excited about her wedding. In these two pictures I think it's very clear how she was focused on what was coming and not being lost in the details of a "wedding," she was just ready for the love of her life to take her away.

{ w e d d i n g }

{ w e d d i n g }

...and her little Mr. C is still the center of everything for her. No matter how ready and excited for her "own" day, she was putting him first the whole day. I pretty much melted when she was fixing his hair, they call it "putting handsome on." Aww... such a cute mama and boy.

{ w e d d i n g }



nic said...

these are timeless and enchanting...i'm going to marry the hubby all over again so i can have you shoot my wedding. (and also so we can eat cake. i welcome any opportunity for cake.)

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Oh sweetie you are so talented!! These shots are just beautiful, they must be thrilled.

Your talents never cease to amaze me! XO your biggest fan :)

JEN said...