Wednesday, November 4, 2009

{my nyc} - austin area photographer

Why did I fall in love with New York City at age 12? Well first and foremost I read "The Baby-Sitters Club" books and the New York special edition book (the thicker white one) was my all time favorite. In the pages of that book I found a place I knew one day I wanted to go. The older I got, the more I watched and read about The City. Breakfast At Tiffany's might possibly have sent me over the edge into obsession.... also the movie "You've Got Mail" was another where I wanted to simply jump into the screen and live.

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So at age 22 I had my first real taste of that east coast air. However it was extremely short, like 3 or 4 hours in NYC, on foot only, I wasn't able to sight see just left me hungry for more.

5 whole years later, I impulsively purchased my ticket and flew to New York! Luckily I have this beautiful friend...

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..who let me crash on her couch for 2 nights and took me all around town for an entire day! THANK YOU SO MUCH (and thank you to her husband too, what a trooper to take us out and go to work the next day, twice!). You guys are the best, I miss you tons!

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We walked and rode the subway, took a stroll through Central Park and sipped hot cocoa! It was incredible, just the getaway I have been needing. There was shopping done, lots of amazing conversation, and some delicious food consumed!

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I'm pretty silly, but the one thing I HAD to buy was a Yankees cap, because I love them (sorry to disappoint my Astro fanatic family)! I don't have a picture yet of my favorite new hat, but I snapped some pictures in the Yankee Clubhouse store because it was definitely a highlight for me. PS. my hat is green, not conventional but it looks pretty darn good next to my dark hair so vanity won over tradition. I will attempt to take my own picture soon, but don't send me hate mail if it takes a while... I've been SUPER busy and this month only looks like it speeds up from now on. :o)

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Best trip I've had, I literally can't wait to go back... even if just for another speedy getaway like this one, it was perfection.



Elizabeth Cranmer said...

NYC amazing!! I'm totally jealous! Glad you soaked it up!

Amelia said...

Thanks love!

Anonymous said...

I usually go twice a year as my husband is from NY and like you I never get enough I wish I was able to live there.


Tamara said...

great pics!! looks like fun :o)

Michele (Pinkle Toes) said...

Just had to comment on this. I, too, have been obsessed with NYC since my love affair with the BSC when I was a little girl. My friend and I used to sneak the books in our literature textbooks in 7th grade. Sigh...

N said...

Hey Amelia,

Next time you come to Ny hit me up I have been living here my whole life all 31 is truely amazing and breath-taking must say...there really is no other place like it...

Take care Nicky