Thursday, January 21, 2010

{2009 spc recap} ~ austin area photographer

The theme is clever this month for SPC: Flashback of 2009. So I could choose any of the 12 themes from 2009, but it had to combine at least two. I'm certain that I could make an argument that I have used several of the themes, but I'm going to claim 2 and leave the rest open to interpretation. :)

My intention was to do a diptych and incorporate tiny words (because I was pretty sad that I didn't take part that month).

{self portrait recap 09}

So there you have it, two glimpses at me side by side, each with a significance in my life somehow. The left side is a tattoo that few people know I have. I designed it about a year after Evelyn was born and it reminds me of a turning point in my life...that's why it has wings, it's when I learned that I could fly alone. The downfall to this little story is that I long for more and I have designs in my head that I envision having inked on my skin....addiction, it's an addiction. My resolve to not get tatted up is very strong though, all my tattoos have got to be deeply meaningful before I will consider really embellishing myself for life.

On the right, so silly, but to me something I can't escape... I have an obsession with my feet. I love for them to look nice, to wear nice shoes, basically they are a very pampered part of my body and I think maybe I go overboard taking time on them, however, it means something to me so I can't neglect them and de-value something that makes me happy. Besides, ugly, unkempt feet are gross.



Lisa~ said...

Your so funny. But I agree, ugly feet are gross! I wish I had more time to pamper mine. as for the tattoo... I have three and have said I would never get anymore but lately I have been itchin to get something new...not sure if I have the guts anymore though.

mamapickle said...

Haven't checked here in awhile. So glad you are back :) I feel the need to go polish my nails a great RED! I too have a secret tatoo desire in me. But haven't even gotten 1 yet. Maybe someday I will have the courage to do it.