Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{self portrait} ~ austin area photographer

Self Portrait time...

This is a combination of "Introductions" and "Seven Deadly Sins."

Introducing myself yet again, to perhaps any new readers or just to reintroduce myself to anyone whose been around a while. I'd like to thank you for even visiting, so kind of you!

I'm Amelia. I love my girls, photography, my job(s), music, living, reading, running, and noticing all the small things in life. I don't like lies or negativity. Mostly I'm just sort of plain, but sometimes I like to try and mix up fashion and have fun. Nice to meet you!

{spc} - sloth + introductions

The sin is "sloth." I'm being super lazy today and this picture captured it, or at least I think it does... Just taking it easy in my bedroom, relaxing for my own portrait. Sounds a little cheesy now that I think about it and read what I just typed. Oh well, I suppose I do have a dose of cheese to me. ;)



andrea said...

What a gorgeous picture!

Maria said...

You look somehow very different than before. But beautiful still :)

nic said...

talk about incredible light! and you, my dear, are so lovely.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hi Amelia! Just wanted to say that I've recently started reading your blog, and lerve your photography. The muffins above? Want to eat.