Wednesday, April 21, 2010

{ avery-bug } ~ austin area tween photographer

{ avery }

Tomorrow I work all day, so I'm posting for Avery now, before I crash after such a long day off.

Avery, you're stunning. I know you think your body isn't changing fast enough and you want to look so grown up. Let me calm your fears baby, you are growing in ways that matter more than physical, you are maturing in spirit and understanding. You care about people, you are sensitive, caring, and such a good girl. Being so sweet will bring people into your life who will need you, be patient with them, but always remember to refresh and take care of yourself as well. Advice will be something you will have to give, because you have gone through much and dealt with it beautifully. Don't be a know-it-all, be a listener and a shoulder for those who come to you, and when they ask...share your story. I can't imagine my life going in a different direction, even though it seemed scary when I was so young, but Avery, you have helped me become a better person. In many ways you really saved me from making a lot of mistakes and wasting my life. When you were born I realized that there is a love that most people can't grasp until much later in life when they have children. So maybe it wasn't ideal for me at 16 to have a child, but I am eternally grateful for you being given to me, I didn't deserved you and I still don't, but daily you make my life a happier and more fulfilling one. You're my special blessing, my best little friend, and a beautiful young lady on her way to a gorgeous teenager. Slow down and love who you are, because your sisters and I think you are pretty darn fantastic. I love you baby, more than you will know for a long time and I hope we keep growing closer each day.

You mean the world to me,


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