Saturday, March 19, 2011

{ following in leaps } ~ austin area photographer

For the past couple of weeks I have been researching what it would take for me to become a certified birth and postpartum doula. Having delivered both with and without medication, I am passionate about helping women recognize the energy and power of their own bodies and how beautifully labor and delivery can be when approached freely, naturally, educated, and with great support.

Typically when I have talked to people about this I am met with the question "what's a doula?" A good web definition I found here is: "a woman who gives continuous physical, emotional and informational support during labor and birth; she may also provide postpartum care in the home."


My personal vision of what I want to do is be there as a friend and helper to the mother and the father if he is wanting that inclusion, to assist and comfort, listen and support, ect. I want to offer my photography throughout the pregnancy as well, so many people miss the opportunity to capture that time and then later down the road have no photo memories to show their kids or just reminisce over. I also plan to continue into the postpartum stages and would like to dive deep into training regarding postpartum depression as I had a very trying year after Masyn's birth and would have benefitted from having that support.

{ almost here }

Truly I'm excited, as I began the training it just felt so right and like a perfect fit. I have so many ideas forming and little plans I want to get going, but I have to take it one step at a time. It feels so good to be so passionate about the direction I am going and the steps I am taking, I needed this jolt and this ah-ha moment. As I continue on through this and can develop a clear plan and what exactly I will be looking to make from all this, I will post and update. All of the text and messages from those that I told personally have been such great confirmation, thank you for that!! I look forward to hearing any ideas you guys have or feedback, stories, anything you want to share!


Images from previous maternity and infant shoots in the Austin area.
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*reyanna klein* said...

Amelia, this is fantastic!!! I can totally see you doing that, and I think it would be awesome for you!

We are planning a homebirth, and I'm SOOOO hoping it works out for us. I'm so excited for the opportunity, and I'm so happy that my pregnancy is still low-risk and wonderful... leading in the direction of a successful homebirth. Yay! :-)

Rhembein said...

Hun!!! That's so awesome!! I can completely see you doing that too!! Oh wow!!! What an amazing opportunity and niche for you!! Eeeeeeee!!!


donya gjerdingen said...

This is such a great idea for you, Amelia. Just from your blog I can tell you have a big heart. Good luck!

Lisa M. said...

Wow, you so totally fit that kind of calling, your so patient and gentle and sweet! Soooo excited for you!

nic said...

i've thought about this very same thing (and also midwifery). i think you should go for it--what a wonderful opportunity to reach out to other women!!

Chelsea said...

You will be wonderful at this! I wish I had been more educated on natural birthing for my 4 kids. When they offered me the drugs, I took them no questions asked. But I often wonder if I could have done it without. I don't know, I'm kind of wimpy with a really low tolerance for pain.

I also LOVE the idea of you offering your photography skills. That is definitely something I wish I had done better. All of my pictures were taken with a lame camera and no skills.

You're amazing! Love you!