Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{ competition + perks } ~ austin area photographer

I haven't held a "giveaway" on here in quite a long time. This morning on my drive to work my creativity must have been turned up because I had a great idea...

I'm going to host a contest. Any Austin area photographers looking to build their portfolio?... send them my way! I want a photographer to take my photo and maybe my girls if it works out for both of us. In return, I will give a $125.00 sitting to the winning photographer, and I will allow it to be used as a gift or for their own portrait by yours truly. Prints will be optional, but for a reduced rate.

If you want to enter, email me your favorite portraits that you have taken recently or in the past couple years. Tell me a little about yourself and let me see your personality, as that is VERY important to my comfort level in working with you. Feel free also to nominate someone or pass along the link to this blog to anyone in the Austin area you think might be interested.

Here are some of my past photos that I thought I'd share...been a while since most have these have made a showing on here.

I am thrilled about this and cannot wait to see all the submissions and talent!




a little smug

{sunnier days}

teenage fun


{ kayla }

{ kayla }



nic said...

i've never found myself wishing i lived in austin more than i do at this moment. :)

love the back-in-the-day shots of your girls. they grow like kudzu, these kids.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are SO adorable!!! Love these !!!

donya gjerdingen said...

Can't wait to see how this turns out, Amelia! I wish I lived in the Austin area, but alas, I am stuck in frozen Minnesota, where I fear it will never be Summer again! :)

*reyanna klein* said...

Okay, I'm not a photographer (my dad was... while I was growing up), but I LOVE your photos. Just had to come on here to tell you. I can't wait for you to take ours now! ;-)