Thursday, December 13, 2012

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This is what I appreciated almost exactly one year ago. Today I have even greater appreciation for these three marvelous girls. Not a day goes by that I don't think to myself "I have been so blessed." Even in the murk of scab pulling that I have been so intwined with recently, they remain the brightest of all lights in my life. They remind me to laugh, to breathe, and to play.

looking back 1 year

As I stirred my coffee this morning (with delicious gingerbread marshmallows bobbling on top), I was churning ideas for New Years celebrations, because I will have a significant amount of time off (for me) and lots of playtime with my lovelies. I want to make it memorable, both by being fun and meaningful.

I am inclined toward the word "Intention" as opposed to the commonly preferred "Resolution." Maybe I even like "Direction"...."What will I create for myself in 2013?" "What will we do as a family in 2013?" "What do I want in 2013?" All of this mingled with the steam of french press holiday blend and I was inspired, so it will be artistic, it will have meaning, and we will do it together...a painting to represent our intentions for 2013. I am so excited, like a kid I cannot wait for this party! This is what play is all about my friends, rekindling that childlike joy and anticipation, that zeal for the juicy parts of living.

It hasn't come without tears and a bloody mess inside, what is brilliant is that it comes along with that and those aches make the splendor more splendid.


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