Thursday, December 6, 2012

{ perception + energy } yogi. witness. photographer. austin, tx

A favorite author of mine wrote "we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." - Anais Nin


How true this is and I have finally come to see, if even what I recognize now is just a tiny glimpse into the truth, it's empowering in my choices. Though I have to stop often and consider "why might I be responding this way?" or "what has me so outside my natural self about this situation?" it is changing me in a way that feels lighter and opens me, allowing my creativity to spill into more than merely art projects, writing, and those blatantly artsy things, but to truly manifesting new and fresh experiences to my life.

Last night I cried as I drove over a hill and caught site of the fading blue and luscious orange of the Texas sunset illuminating perfectly a large light barked tree with it's smattering of golden-green leaves set off by that water-color backdrop. My heart felt the beauty and I believe my heartbeat became rhythmic with the pulse of nature, I was home energetically. I felt as though this vibratory alignment has occurred many times before and the familiarity was inspiring. Now I am feeling the shedding of layers compiled of stories that I wrote inside myself and declarations that I made that were self destructive, all can be brought to light and I can place them back in my "life album" as experiences, part of this human life I am living. Maybe not gone, perhaps not even fully healed, but realized in the light as separate from I. My past does have to create my future. How simple, but for me so profound.

My next post shall not be so heavy, because through all of this learning, a shifting has happened where Joy, Play, and Delight have become some of my favorite words!!


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