Thursday, April 4, 2013

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More often than I can count, in fact once today I have already been told "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible enough." I smile, I take a breath, and I respond with something along these lines... "I have my entire spine fused with a titanium rod, if I can do yoga, anyone can do yoga." If you're lucky I'll show you my scar while I say it. That sounds abrasive as I type it, but the true emotion behind it is excitement! There aren't people who "can" yoga and people who "can't." Yoga just looks different on different bodies, but what is going on inside can be shared by all.

When I had my surgery to straighten my spine 4 years ago, I woke up strapped to a bed, my body in more pain than I can think of words to describe. I was certain that I had made the biggest mistake ever, that my quality of life was lost, that I would never be able to enjoy playing with my girls or be active again. I held onto that for quite a while, even as I started to recover I felt angry about the range of motion I had lost and the muscle tone that withered away in just one week lying in a hospital bed. Though I was physically pushing myself, running and resistance training, I felt this inner call to a practice I had never known, I wanted to try yoga. A terrifying idea for someone who 6 months previous had been completely unable to turn her head. I started with private lessons and I didn't feel much in my body, yet there was this spark that fired inside of me. Monday became my favorite day because I had that one special hour, it was a magic hour. My body was waking up, and it was happening from the very core, in the dark unexplored places in my soul, mind, heart, blood, bones, muscle, and most importantly...breath.

urdhva dhanurasana

So if you have ever considered practicing yoga, I am a yoga teacher and therefore biased, I will tell you that it's a wonderful idea and you should give it a try. From my personal experience I can tell you that if you let the practice inside you, open areas where you may be afraid, yoga will change your life.


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