Tuesday, July 26, 2016

{ I for today } - lover. writer. mama.yogi. austin, tx

I'd like to keep my feet on the ground and never be shaken from the sweetness.
I want to be held in the arms of a lover who loves only me.
I crave nights on the couch with deep conversation and lazy naps with no talking at all.
It's all the things I've had, but I want them to go on and never be bruised or tarnished by fear.
I want brave affection, bold communication, and breathless passion.
Inside and out goosebumps when his skin touches mine.
I want to run into his arms and be swept away from the ground and kissed hard.
I remember when you said I looked like Ali McGraw and I lost all my words, you knew.
I can't wait to have someone look at me the way you did on our oyster date, you were enamored.
I've had so many moments.
I want so many more.
I'm insatiable.
It scares everyone.
I guess that's it, we are all afraid of our own light.
I won't dim mine for you, or anyone.


Philippe Lotfi said...

Hello! This is philippe from this past weekend at Abe's going away. Just wanted to say your blog is really great. Also you totally look like Ali McGraw. That's cray! Ever wanna do HH at Clarks lets me know.

Kent Smith said...

My feeling when reading this and your other writing is that it's so real that it hurts.