Monday, July 25, 2016

{ she needed to write } - yogi. mama. lover. writer. austin, tx

So much has been stirring inside and I haven't been diligent to pen my thoughts.
I've battled with negative words and wanting to lash out in defense of pain I've felt.
But then I sat with it...
I explored my reaction and asked for higher wisdom and response.
My work tonight is that of grace, sweetness, and healing.
What malice will ever mend a broken heart?
I challenged myself to take my wounds and grow.
I promised out loud to only my ears that I'd move from compassion, with honesty, and with reserve.
Words spoken or typed can not be taken back once heard or read.
How carefully then should I be with what I choose to say?...
How tragic for someone else to have their heart pierced by my thoughtlessness.
I want to handle the hearts of others with adoration and utmost care.
I want to share the gentle, affectionate touch that my own skin craves.
My filter is grace, my mantra is kindness, my gift is love.
I ask wholehearted forgiveness of anyone I have injured unknowingly.
You are enough, you are perfection.
We are all in this life together.

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John Bragg, III said...

You write beautifully, erring on the side of poesy. Post more of these delightful musings :)