Thursday, January 15, 2009

golden nostalgia

The song you are now hearing played this morning on a local radio station and I fell smitten to the ballad. Not just because it's crazy good and possibly the coolest cover of a song I have ever heard, but also because it takes me back in time, back to my teenage days in a way that is mellow and almost like watching a movie of my past (and in my imagination the movie is really throw back and grainy like The Wonder Years opening credits on reel film). Sorry... I get carried away, but that gives you an idea.

I decided the best way to describe how I feel and what my mind sees when I hear this song, was to recreate the mood by picture. So, here are a couple pictures from my Christmas card trial shoot, to how the gold, sun drenched memories, now showing in my head.

one day they will love this shot

Days were longer when I was younger. I don't remember being cold very many time as a teen. At this moment I am only able to recall these metallic and beautiful images that I want to jump into and savor (right now!), as I try to rub my feet against my sheets to warm them by friction. Oh Summer, hasten to me please!

sun on my golden princess

Reality is a good thing to stay in touch with, but not to get overwhelmed by. So I think it's okay tonight if I fall asleep and let my thoughts and reminiscing evolve into dreaming, and my dreams prepare me for another cold day on which I am warm with love and gratitude (and maybe a cup of hot tea to boot!).

To learn more about tonight's music musing song and inspiration to this post, check out this blog.



Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I love your images and your perfect description of memories past. I felt like I was there! You got talent!

Glad I peeked in on you. Check me out soon, you can see my growing belly, seeing as my preganacy could have been a figmant of imagination when I met you!

Your girls are gorgeous!

Rebekah said...

very beautiful, although I'd expect nothing less.

the song caught me off guard, took me a minute to put two & two together! How different it sounds slow like that...

nic said...

ooh, i'm feeling ya, girlie. love this cover and the feel of those photos...somehow they do kinda make me a bit warmer, too.

mamapickle said...

Your pictures are amazing! I LOVE this song too. The best cover of a song ever.

erin {tvp} said...

your girls are just so beautiful, and their little personalities shine through your pics :)

Tonya said...

these are gorgeous and timeless shots of your girls...beautiful!