Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a little scared of heights

Sadly, I have to admit that when my thyroid went bonkers, I totally got off track with "flying."

That's right, I was flying, and then I crashed, burned, and tried feebly to fly again, but it never happened. So I think I was living in denial for a while, and I have to add that I was getting very worn out trying to fly without any tips or help.

Some of you might be thinking "what in the blue sky is Amelia rambling about?" Yeah, I get that a lot so don't feel too badly. In this case though, I actually have a really good point and a very helpful hint that some of you might not have heard about yet. She's been around a while, but I don't run into many people who are familiar with the flylady.


If you haven't joined, I strongly urge you to give it a shot. I'm signing back on to fly once more and I am super excited, my poor home needs TLC and flylady helps it to not be overwhelming. This is very exciting and scary because now that I have let you all know two things which are hard to swallow: 1, my house is messy; 2, I am going to try and rectify the messy house situation.

My humiliation must run hand in hand with my success because I feel compelled to share the most embarrassing things, and I do this to myself almost weekly. So, even though my mirrors may be streaked with finger prints, my life is like a newly Windexed piece of glass.

My first order of business is the shiny sink (flylady works by baby steps, which helps me a great deal). Today my score is B-, because I had it all clean and dishes washed, but then I cooked a treat and failed to wash the mixing bowl. I suppose I could run in there and wash it now.... I will sleep better if I do that. Yes, consider that bowl washed and I will change my score to A!

Tomorrow will bring a new challenge, I am anxious to know what it will be. I do have my ready-made list of errands in town, I have to run, and I am really hoping that I will be able to scoot into the library and check out a new book, I've been crazy lusting after something new to read. Oh I forgot to mention that we have a winter storm advisory tonight so my whole morning could be thrown out of whack if the roads are icy. How do people live where there is ice and snow in winter?... you are my heros and you have my pity. I can't wait until the warm Texas days come back, next week should be better. ;o)

Goodnight, I'm off to wash a bowl so I can have a clear conscience.



Blissful Nikki said...

hehehe, I know what you mean! I crashed and burned in flylady a LONG time ago! hehe

And what was up with our wather today? it was like 80 when Lagan went to school and 30 when I picked her up? Craziness! Im going to try to get out and get my hair cut tomorrow....hopefully we wont be iced in! :)

jen from windy ridge said...

I know how a wacky thyroid can mess you up! I rely heavily on baby steps even when my thyroid is normal. You should see my house now. The kids are in charge. hehe. And I have never been accused of being real organized in the first place.

Emily said...

Amy, you're so funny!! I wish I lived near you cuz I would clean your house for you, kinda my thing. Remember Lyndsey's trailor?

erin {tvp} said...

I have crashed and burned many times with the flylady!!! I hope this time you are able to stay the course :)

MomRaun said...

Funny that you brought back FlyLady. I have been babystepping again for about a month....and I do mean babysteps. At least it is in a positive direction. With Dad doing so much of the cooking, a clean sink is sometimes a real challenge!!