Thursday, January 1, 2009

... remembering 2008 ...


There will be no rhyme of reason to my list, I'm just tossing out the things that I recall from 2008 (not all with fondness). There were a great many things for which I am grateful and I few I could have done without, but they have shaped me, formed me, chiseled my character a little more, and above all, helped me to learn who I truly am that much more. As of tomorrow I can honestly say that by 27, I'm more sure of myself than I was at 26, and I know that through happiness and pain, who I am doesn't change. When everything in my world is upside down, my Savior loves me through, my husband comforts me, and my family reminds me of the true blessing of open, loving, relationships. I want to kiss and hug my lovely family more in 2009 than I did in 2008. Now, back to my list.... sorry, I get distracted.

1. Moving to this new city and completely changing life as I knew it!
It's been a tough but good move. It took so much faith and a lot of support from friends and family, but we made the move and have been very blessed and tried through it. We would like to get out more, that's one of our "resolutions." :o)

2. Intimate Photography was really booming for me in 2008 and I miss it a lot. I hope I continue to challenge myself and grow in my skill as I wait for things to pick up here as they were back in Wharton. I miss shooting seniors especially.

3. Substitute teaching. I subbed a great deal in 2008 and I loved it. I learned from the experience what I never knew about public school growing up... I feel better prepared for my girls to enter high school, I will never be naive to what they will be exposed to.

4. Going back to school in 2008 was possibly the best thing I did. I can't even express how badly I miss it. I'm such a nerd. Writing papers and even doing algebra homework thrilled me, I loved it. My english professor is someone that I miss immensely. I think about her a lot, and if by some chance she reads this, I pray she will forgive my wreched writing. Thank you Miss A for all your time and patience, I loved being in your class!

5. The worst by far was getting the Chicken Pox. I would not wish this on anyone, I was itching and in so much pain I was pretty much suicidal. Even though I was miserable and wanted to die, I am glad that it is now behind me (except for a few scars) and my girls have now all had those horrible little dots and will not have to endure that pain at age 26.

6. Twilight, the movie. I don't really need to add details to that, I was so glad to finally see it. :o)

7. Breaking Dawn, long awaited conclusion to the Twilight saga. It didn't quite meet my expectations, but it was good to finally have closure to the love story I had been agonizing over.

8. Reuniting with my old BFF Emily. This happened toward the end of 2008 and I have loved being back in touch. I even wrote a post about her and coming back together after so long. I never want to lose touch again.

9. Learning about my thyroid. I knew something was amiss and although it is not all better yet, it's so much better knowing that I have a real problem that can be treated and I'm not just going crazy.

10. Lots of nights running with my friends, I miss you girls and my treadmill does not hold a candle to you guys.

11. In 2008, I developed my addiction to The Hills.

12. I also developed an addiction to false eyelashes. I look for any excuse to wear them.

13. December 2008, I went brunette. I need to share a new picture now....

{dressed up}

That is my niece Taylor (LOVE YOU!) and me, at my sister's wedding on December 28th.

14. My sister got married this year, just before her 30th birthday. She has been so ready to be married and I am very excited for her!

15. Trips with Daria and Megan! In 2008 I was lucky enough to meet up with Daria 2 times and Megan once (because she was awaiting her new little bundle in October so she couldn't come to Quilt Market Houston). I love those ladies so much and getting to see them is a highlight to every year it happens.

16. Finding no line panties, seriously a big thing in my year of 2008! Revolutionized my life.

17. Visiting new churches. This has been scary and eye opening, but it makes me happy to let you all know we have found a church home where we truly feel God has lead us.

18. Masyn saying "Rock out the rum."

19. Evy singing all her fun songs.

20. Working outside my home. It's been really hard for me but very rewarding as well. Every stage in life has challenges and this is certainly no exception for me. I love work, but I long for a break.

21. Meeting Amy Butler. OMG, there just aren't any other words. :o)

I suppose that if anyone is still reading, they are hoping I will wrap this list up soon... so your wish is my command. It's over, that's my little year in review. Thanks for reading, thank you especially for emails and comments, letting me know I am not alone and that I write not only for self expression, but to connect with others who enjoy reveling in the glory of the little things life brings us each day! Thank you all!!!



Kath said...


I've followed your blog since I discovered you on ebay! I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. You look great as a brunette. I share your love of Twilight, and you introduced me to some great new music. Keep up the good work, and lots of luck with your photography.


Amelia said...


Thank you so very much!! I appreciate this comment, I would love to have emailed you, unfortunately I don't have your address, so hopefully you will see this. I want you to know that what you said means so much to me!

xo~ Amelia

Tonya said...

Isn't is fun to reflect back on all the changes a year can bring...I think I am most sad that I don't get to drool over all your beautiful boutique designs come you never got picked up by some amazing children's company and aren't making some fortune designing for them? I really really admire your eye for that stuff...and your little Masyn was the cutest little model ever!

Did I see you are working at Anthropologie? My fav store ever...if I could only actually buy anything in there...I am hoping to decorate this baby's nursery inspired by that place...something vintage and funky and colorful....we shall see....

hope all goes well with a new year and you have many more wonderful memories and new experience that you will reflect upon next year to inspire many more smiles and much love!

Happy New Year!


Jennifer Paganelli said...

Amelia you look gorgeous so does your neice!!!

Blissful Nikki said...

this is a great post! I am so glad that you are here in Austin. We should definatly get together soon when your off work! :) I am so happy every time I see you and Matt at church! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Sweetie!! It sounds like 2008 was an exciting adventure for you....heres hoping 2009 is full of even more excitement, more good times, more love and success!!
I thought of you when I was in Anthropologie in Fresno right before Christmas...OMG...I love that store. I just want one of everything!! My big purchase was a tiny tube of the Lollia Believe Cabbage Rose and Citus Shea Butter. Its already gone....!!!
Keep up your many adventures...and never be afraid to fall. Your life will be continually full and constantly blessed~
(and please make getting to the beach one of adventurous goals for 2009...I`d love to meet up) LOL

jen from windy ridge (for now;) said...

Thanks for letting me comment as me;) Love the post and pics!!

nat said...

you are so cute with your dark hair!!

nic said...

dangitall, i missed your birthday! i hope it was every bit as sweet as you deserve (which is a whole lotta sweetness, 'cause you are amazing and wonderful, my friend).

did i mention i'm reading twilight again? yep. this is the obsession that never dies, i tell you. ;) thanks for convincing me to give that series a's one girl who will never doubt your literary taste.

PamperingBeki said...

Oh Amelia, you just make me smile!!

You're such a joy.