Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's an obsession

Today at work I will be shooting photos again... of my newest obsession...

the boyfriend jean.


I've tried on several pair of this style jean by various designers and brands. This pair is undoubtedly my favorite! They look and fit amazing. Find them on Anthropologie's website by clicking HERE. Compared to a lot of the other AG styles, this pair if rather inexpensive (I did say "compared to..").

So a few tips on how to wear these...

Not too tight. They will stretch to fit you just right, but these are supposed to look a little slouchy.

With relaxed tops, like white tee shirts and peasant tops.

With something "boy" inspired, like little vests.

With some platforms or wedge heels and cuff the pants.

Hope you find your perfect denim, even if it's not these gems. Good luck in the hunt. I will give honorable mention to a super cheap pair I found at the GAP, but they still didn't sniff the awesomeness of this pair of AG's. I do have a self diagnosed case of "AG obsession."

This beautiful tune is by Band Of Horses, the song is called "No One's Gonna Love You."

Now it's time to dress and head to work on this fantastic, cloudy, Wednesday morning!



Kath said...

Cute! I'm looking for a great pair of boyfriend jeans. I love Anthropologie. I haven't made my seasonal trip there this Spring (it's a little bit of a commute for me!) You should put together some outfits for your faithful blog readers!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

I have always wanted to 'pull off' this look. I haven't found the perfect pair yet, or maybe I just haven't been thin in awhile! Pregnancy really throws off a girls good denim streak. Here's hoping that I fit my dream pair after this little guy.

P.S. I can totally picture you rockin these!

Kim said...

Good heavens, girlfriend, I'd work at anthro just for the discount, you lucky duck! (It's a good thing for me the nearest one is 90 miles away. LOL)