Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lake travis - {austin area photographer}

I spent my Easter evening with a beautiful family at their lake house taking pictures. I had a great time with this crew, they were so laid back and chill, and did I mention that they were beautiful? I want to say "Thank You" for the wonderful time at your house by the lake!

The session was so successful, that they now have 67 proofs in their gallery... I just pulled a few for my awesome readers to see a sneak peek of. I might try to resize more later this week... but I have been editing ALL day and now I have to run off all this Easter candy and a huge plate of french fries that I ate yesterday. :o)

{a day by the lake}

{a day by the lake}

{a day by the lake}

{a day by the lake}

The song playing is (embarrassingly) "Breathe" by Taylor Swift. I do NOT typically enjoy any country music, but this song has something that grabs me, perhaps because it was co-written by Colbie Caillat.

Thanks for stopping by and check back, maybe I will get time to load some more from this session... between my two closing shifts at Anthro this weekend. ;o)



MomRaun said...

These are really good. I love the one under the house.

donya said...

Cute pics, Amelia!

I also really love that song by Taylor Swift (actually a lot of her music) and I'm not a big fan of country either. There are few songs on her newest album that don't sound all that country.

Kerrie said...

awesome job, amelia!

Glad to see you blogging a bit more regularly too. I have followed you from typepad to blogspot back to typepad back to this one. Sounds kind of creepy when I put it that way! ;0)

Amelia said...


@ Kerrie ~ That's not creepy at all, it's very flattering!

@ Donya ~ Sadly I just got her album on iTunes... I'm very embarrassed, but oh well. :o)

@ Mom ~ That is their dock, there hasn't been enough rain lately so it's stuck on land and we took pictures on it! LOL!

Tonya said...

fabulous...what a handsome guy...

hope you are well...I wanna see an Amelia creation on your beautiful girls..have you been in the mood to sew lately...I am sure you have no time...I so miss the beautiful things you do with fabric!



carole said...

Anxious to see more. If that gorgeous guy is single, send him to New York and I'll try to make him my son-in-law ;)

nic said...

fabulous shots, my dear! i love how your subjects always look so at ease and happy...i think you bring this out of them.

also--i have to confess that i adore taylor swift. her fan club is comprised of me and a bunch of thirteen year olds, but there it is.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Keep up the great work, and word will get around, if it hasn't already...

Re: the musical choice, nothing inherently wrong with Taylor Swift OR country music, IMHO... but although I really like the lovely melody, I don't much care for the lyrics of *this* song.

Anyway, hope to see many more sessions, now that rain has fallen and things should start greening up. Life on the trees always makes things look so much brighter somehow. :)