Saturday, June 20, 2009


There are many things that are commonly considered to be cute and faces that are typically thought to be cute. Most children utter "cheese" the moment they see a camera. Trained from birth to look straight at the lens and flash a smile, genuine or not.

I have tried hard to keep my girls from this. In fact, it's quite tricky, but I like to just pretend there is no camera and play with them as usual so that I get a real and what I find to be the most precious pictures... candid shots.

The only trouble with my choice in their photographic upbringing is that when they ARE aware of my camera's presence, they either run, or do this....


Yes, these really are their faces just from seeing "The Beast" (that's my camera). I didn't say or do anything to upset them, they just didn't want me to take a picture I guess, because once they saw glass, the smiles faded.


The truth is though, I really love these faces too, pouty and all, I just want to kiss and hug away the frowns. I absolutely love every face they make, even though they aren't all chipper and they don't sniff the "cheese" face, I would sometimes rather have a scowl than anything else...if it means being real, I'd for sure rather have the moody faces.



Elizabeth Cranmer said...

And baby is awesome! He is just his own self, calm, cool and sooo good! A great sleeper, a soft cryer and well...... my new little heavenly get away.

I have a blog post coming soon with more details!

Love the scowls by the way. I always try to catch the kids in shoots when the parents aren't chiming " look at the camera" " smile" I'm a believer in the cadid as well. And maybe that's how they feel?

Rachael Wilkins said...

You can't help but let out a giggle and an eye-roll at Evy's expression. Too CUTE!!!

erin said...

oh me too! I get these faces all of the time and sometimes I love it, I can't help but laugh!!!

johnson said...

These pictures are precious!!! I love seeing these girls on here!!! How is Avery doing? I bet she is glad to be out of school for the summer!! Your mom has been talking to dad through e-mail and says that you are doing great!!! Glad everything is well!!! Britni

Leah said...

I think these pictures are awesome, and capture a different side, that you don't want to forget either. HOWEVER, I can totally relate. My kiddos give me grief and usually it's a cheesy goof ball smile or they don't look at me at all, and then the whining starts. I swear, I never get anything good or great...I've seen your work, and to me, you have gotten some great shots! I'm glad to know though...that I'm not alone. ;)