Monday, June 1, 2009

mama again - {austin area child photographer}

After 2 weeks and 3 days... I am a mama again! My girls are finally here with me at my parents house! There is so much that I can't do for them, so thankfully Gam and Pop are doing all the hard stuff like lifting and baths, but it's nice to be reading stories and snuggling with my babies after such a long time apart.

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In recovery news, I am really doing better. I shower alone now, although my mom fears that I might pass out or slip so she stands guard right outside. :o) I am grateful she is there, because I'm a tiny bit fearful myself, but it feels good to do something on my own. Being a little more able to care for myself gives me hope that I will get over all this and maybe one day be glad I chose to have this surgery. LOL, I know I will be glad... some day.

My sitting and walking time has grown too, I was up for over an hour last night before getting light headed! I am so excited about these small accomplishments, because I really was afraid that I had made a huge mistake and I would never heal. Now I feel like I have come a little ways and little by little I can maybe have a life again.

Funny story from Masyn, because she is already cracking me up....

First funny~
Evy and Masyn were trying to play a game but Evelyn didn't want to play by the rules so she left and said "I'm not playing with you anymore Masyn!"

Evelyn climbed up in bed with me to snuggle and Masyn said "Mama, do you really want to snuggle with a girl so mean?"

Second funny~
Masyn pretended for a long time this morning that she could only speak Spanish, so Evy was crying and begging her to play or explain and Masyn just kept on rambling off non-sense that she called Spanish.

I was listening and dying laughing... These girls brighten my day SO much!!!! So long boredom!!!!!



Lisa~ said...

sooo cute!!

carole said...

How wonderful for you! (How do your girls keep getting more beautiful?) Be a good patient and keep healing.
If you have access to a shower chair, it can really be a godsend for showering on your own after a big surgery. That way your mum won't have to stand guard, and you can relax under the hot water longer ;)

jenica said...

what a godsend to be with your parents AND have your girls with you. i'm sure you'll recover faster being able to snuggle with them. it sounds like your spirits are rising too.

much love!

nomi said...

Awww, your beautiful girls!! That's wonderful to hear that you'll finally have some entertainment with them around! Aren't mom's wonderful! I don't know what I'd do without mine!

Samecia said...

Glad to see that you're doing better!
God blessed ya with three terrific girls:)


P.s Are you enjoying the mattress?

nic said...

hahaha! i'm so glad you've got your sweeties with you...i'll bet they'll heal you up in no time!

still praying for you daily. :)

Chris said...

I am so happy for you Amilia. You are truly deserving of so many wonderful things. I'm happy that you have braved the surgery needed and that you are back on the road to recovery and to a much less painful daily life. It's wonderful that you have such a supportive family. I wish you and your beautiful little girls lots of special moments to help you through your recovery.

Vanessa said...

hurray for your girlies and how they make you smile!
thinking of you