Tuesday, October 19, 2010

{ paternal appreciation } ~ musing of a daughter

Yesterday I remembered how much I need my daddy. So following my usual tendency toward list making, I began to reel off in my mind all the things for which I am so grateful to my father.

{ daddy }

Dad, I know I was a vexing girl, a pain in your neck, an ache in your heart at times, and I never understood all you were doing for me...growing up changes a lot and I want to take a moment to say thank you, thank you for....

All the times you took care of everything with my car, yesterday and today I have missed that help so much.

The length of my legs, because I can walk twice as far twice as fast as normal women.

Always reading to me in funny voices and singing crazy songs at bedtime.

Your slap stick and zany sense of humor, I am sarcastic, but because of you my humor is well rounded and I can laugh at pretty much anything.

Setting the bar high for any man who might want to enter my life.

Teaching me to drive everything from a tractor to a car (in that order).

Exposing me to unique views on snakes and making me eat them.

Building my self esteem.

Telling me and your other daughters that you married a queen and for always treating her that way.

Openly showing affection. It's because of you dad that my girls get kissed and hugged all the time and I know the never skip a chance to tell them I love them....you do such a good job at this and have taught me well.

My good vision (knock on wood).

Spending time with me last Summer when I couldn't walk or run away from painful arguments and situations, you were my rock.

Making me listen to Marty Robins and helping to expand my musical appreciation.

Really dad, there is no end to this list, you continually bring me new reasons to be thankful that I am your daughter. I hope you know how much I love you and that there is NO other daddy I would ever want to have over you... you are the best!


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