Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{ bridling the mane } ~ austin area photographer

I've always enjoyed hats. My grandpa's cowboy hat, my dad's airplane (seriously the hat had wings) hat, a couple of my mom's late 80's - early 90's style hats.... I just liked hats. I think I was brave enough as a teen to don a few. Once I grew into my own skin around the age of 25 I became obsessed and started my collection of hats. Mostly I like the snuggly winter kind of hats, some people call them beanies, I personally hate that name and will always call them affectionately...snookie hats. Don't argue this with me, I will never give in.

As of late I have been wearing them in the bar to stay warm and it also makes a boring outfit seem like I put some effort into it (which isn't the case really, I just toss on whatever can get ruined). So for my 52 weeks of BAM that I have been neglecting sadly, I took a picture of myself in my newest acquisition, I love the color, it makes me so happy, like I have stepped into the movie Love Story and I am Ali MacGraw for a moment in time. :)

{ hat lady }

Next week I should have some fun news about Halloween, I finished my costume last night! Good news, I still remember how to sew. I also learned that I can french braid my own hair. Any guesses on who you think I am going to be? Cheating if you are my friend on Facebook.


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