Thursday, January 20, 2011

{ sisters pine } ~ austin area child photographer

I miss my sisters. I have four. All are missed, some missed more, some missed uniquely, still all are missed. Because of how much I long for the relationship and time with my sisters that I once had, the recent friction between Evelyn and Masyn ways heavy on me.

The once inseparable duo has now become s disgruntled chase for affection. Poor Evy, she adores her big sisters, but Masyn was her pal and partner in crime and suddenly it seems as though 1st grade has tainted that. Masyn feels too old for her baby sister and it seriously is breaking my heart. I know it's a phase, but I suppose I just want them to cherish each moment and I'm acutely aware of how much it can hurt to be estranged from that person who is your closest friend from birth.

I recall how Avery reacted when Masyn was born, she didn't lash out, but she never latched on. Masyn and Avery have actually become closer as of late which is awesome, and it also gives me hope that Masyn is just in that age where she is surrounded by new thoughts and ideas and maybe her little sis seems to complicate it right now. I just keep reminding her what my mom used to say to my sisters and me..."your sisters will be the best friends you ever have."

{ the warmth I miss }

In her secret place of secrets inside...I think Masyn still loves that Evy looks up to her so much and just yearns to play and be around her. I can see a faint sparkle and I know that somewhere in there she loves the attention. Please time, bring back the days when they cried without each other and stayed up giggling together in their room until they both passed out asleep. I don't want them to miss a single minute of the love and laughter that they can share as sisters. I sure wish I could snatch back a few of my own.


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nic said...

i've really never known the joy of sisterhood, but i know the bond of siblings, and that's some amazing stuff. i'm certain you're right--a bit of time will bring those two close again. :)

gorgeous photo, amelia. those girls are like sunshine.