Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{ enraptured by kors } ~ austin area photographer

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For many years now I have had one favorite designer and a lot of runner's up. He can never be overtaken in the running though, because I feel like he designs his clothes with my dreams in mind. His style is my style. We share a heart. I love you Michael Kors. This first picture is absolutely killing me, I WANT to wear that outfit, I see myself in it. Ugh, it's painful that I don't own it. Like a lot of things in my life, I have to keep these as dreams. Today I was sad about that. Today made me feel like taking pictures and writing...and of course going back to my roots and love of fashion. God I miss fashion.


Sometimes I become discouraged with how tunneled my life is. How no matter what I dream or what I believe I can do, reality reminds me that there are limits. My heart believes so much more than my reality. I have hopes and pipe dreams that belong to children, not women almost in their 30's. Am I nuts? Hasn't my life proved to me time and again that I can't have things just because I want them? I have such a thick head, this idea does not sink in with me, I just keep on hoping and wanting. I want to walk the streets of NYC in all white like the picture below. I can imagine how it will feel with a gauze skirt brushing my legs and sun warming my hair and making me squint ever so slightly behind my gorgeous aviator glasses (the one thing I do have MK). I will be walking to the park to sit and work on a piece for the magazine that will be my employer. It's really vivid to me. Certain days I almost believe it won't happen and I get disappointed, but then I open to the idea that maybe it just won't happen exactly one way, perhaps I should open myself to more avenues of writing, photography, and fashion. I continue to do this and I will because it brings me joy...but I do know that my fantasies are strong for a reason, there is truth in them somewhere and I will keep my fingers crossed and dreams alive.


I apologize because this seems vague in areas. Some things I can't really explain all the way because they aren't fully developed inside me. I want to write, I want to take pictures, and I want to share them with more than my 7 blog readers (although dears, I truly love you guys). Since Sunday I have felt slightly empty, I have a hole where my writing and pictures should be. Have you ever felt like pieces of your heart were being held away from you? That's how I feel in a few places in my life right now. It makes me feel alone as well, because I don't think anyone else around me knows what it's like to live in my shoes, yet many seem to have opinions about my life.


So feeling blue I turned to my main man...and Michael, your Spring line did not let me down, on the contrary! I am completely in love with so many pieces and the outfitting and clean lines. Heaven. I'm about to lay my head on my pillow for a good night of sleep, and I can't wait for dreams to fill my head and pour into my heart about all the things I want to do and all the beautiful things that are in my life and still to come. Michael Kors, you change my world.


I might even have to get out the sewing machine and see if I still have anything in me...because I want that green skirt more than I can say, but I don't see $1200.00 in my future for spending money. :)



Laurie said...

You could TOTALLY create/make all of those outfits for yourself! You are SO talented... Go for it....Live your dream on a different level!!!


nic said...

i'm with laurie. mk is fantastic, but YOU are a maven. go whip up something gorgeous!

Kath said...

Get out that sewing machine! You would look awesome in that green skirt!