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I've been dying to use the word "ameliorate" in a title, it is my favorite word of all time because of the meaning and the obvious fact that it is my name. You're welcome for that splendid addition to your vocabulary if you were formerly unaware of this fun appellation.

I want to thank you all for the generous response to my previous post about dating. I had no idea I had so many readers who were single or dating, thanks guys I appreciate the love. So from urging via emails and one brave comment, I have decided that I will post a compilation of date ideas that I feel surpass the normal "dinner and drinks" idea that most men rely on when asking a woman out.

Let me interject my own post to say that this is all based on my brief and very biased experience in the dating world. You can send hate mail and leave mean comments if that makes you feel better, I can take it and understand that each person has their own views. The ones written here are mine because well, it is my blog, that being said I do keep an open mind and that is why I have had the experiences that I base all this from.

Let's get started with some ideas shall we...

1. Live music.
I am a big fan of this date idea. Most people enjoy music so that is a plus, but also it takes all the pressure of conversation away. You can see a glimpse of the taste of who you are inviting or the one inviting you. If you both have a good time and like the show you have automatic common ground. The energy of a live show is typically upbeat and a positive environment.

2. Sporting events.
Yes I do realize that some girls will argue that sports are boring, for me I think going to game is a marvelous idea. Baseball, basketball, hockey, golf (weather permitting), races, ect. All of these give you a chance to get excited and root for a team or player, even if you have a rivalry it's charged with energy and competition. There can be post game celebrations if all goes well, however I think it's a great way to get to know someone without having that terrible grilling process that makes me want to shave my own eyebrows. You can both watch and comment and not have to stare into each other's faces trying hard to think of something clever to say.

3. Games.
Personally this is a favorite of mine. Maybe I am keen to this idea because I grew up loving games and still feel like a big kid, whatever the case it's a very lighthearted time to be had and generates easygoing conversation and laughter. If you don't have somewhere to play or you don't own games there are lots of places that have games inside. In Austin there are even bars with shuffleboard or giant Jenga, it's amazing.

4. Something active.
Go rock climbing, play a round of mini golf or regular golf, go running, rent bikes and go for a ride, go hiking, take a yoga class, just get physical. Endorphins will promote happiness which is good, but you will also be learning what it's like to incorporate that into a friendship or relationship, if she/he isn't down with getting out and sweating a little, do you really want that person?

5. Go to the water.
Lake, beach, or river, just get out in the sunshine and relax. I realize this is a season sensitive idea, so if it's cold, refer to another option on the list.

6. Do something embarrassing.
Karaoke, bowling, a comedy show. You know those things that are kind of outside your comfort zone, I think those are brilliant. Honestly if you can shake off the nerves and have fun then you move up a notch in my book. I know you might wonder why I lump bowling in with this idea but if you have witnessed my bowling you would understand.

7. Movies/plays.
Yes it's an old fashioned and totally bland idea, yet to me a movie is still a very logical first date route to take. This frees you from having to venture into the awkward, you basically let actors and actresses do all the work. You can mix it up if you live by a cool theatre that does fun stuff like quote-alongs or maybe a drive-in or outdoor theatre in a park, those would be interesting and fun as well. Live theatre is always preferable to me because I am a huge fan of plays, you may be surprised to learn that I'm a geek tried and true and love musicals and amateur theatre.

8. Cook.
You can take a class or just have fun at your own place. It can be a date where you include others and come together for potluck. You can shop together for the ingredients and use the shopping list like a scavenger hunt and split it down the middle and race. There are so many ways to get creative with this idea. Genuine conversation can be sparked so it's not the typical dinner where you just wait at a table to be served and stare at each other. I would even hope for a food fight, but again I am certain I am not the norm.

9. Go support a local event.
There are always art shows, museums, cocktail parties, and many other events going on locally all over the place. Get connected with sources where you can learn about these and plan dates around those events. Economical and supports your community, win win.

10. Go wine tasting.
Be careful with this one, you don't want to get sloshed, but getting out and learning more about wine is so interesting and the atmosphere in the wineries is usually very romantic and alluring. I am a fan, although I have only ever been by myself I do think it would make an excellent date. Lots of local markets such as WholeFoods offer wine tasting if you don't happen to live near a winery.

It's getting late and I do have to wake up and try to look bright eyed at work tomorrow, so I will stop at 10. I hope that you are each inspired to be more imaginative when planning your dates whether they be with someone new or your significant other. Have fun and never take moments for granted. Do not get into the dinner and drinks rut, if you go out to eat try new places and make it an adventure.

Again I want to admit that these ideas might not be welcomed by all women or men you might meet, but my hope is that you see that being creative is a plus and though I'm not like most girls...I think that truly many of the girls I know would highly approve of this list. Let the tomatoes fly.

Click here to view my side project and I am sorry if you stumble onto someone who you relate to in my dating post.



nic said...

amelia, these ideas are's rather unfortunate i'm already married, because after reading your list i'd like to date YOU! ha. :)

iHeartTheATX said...

Love the blogging Ms.Amelia! And I do like the date ideas, though I will never get asked on one by anyone I find remotely interesting...ugh...and do guys date anymore? You should write a blog about that. Or better yet, if I expect to be taken out on a date-how to get that to happen and how texting ruins everything! haha

Tim Cray said...

Loved your blog reading 'Amelia'. Keep up sharing the nice work :)

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