Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{ blue maven } ~ austin area fashion photographer

As promised I am going to share some of the commercial photography that has been keeping me away from posting more personal photos, well not just from posting but from even taking them. I'm terribly behind on shooting anything in my own life. I'd sort of like to clone myself so that I could shoot my own pictures with my girls, I'm supremely ridiculous, but I know exactly what I want to capture and I just can't make it happen with the timer on my camera.

So that whining out of the way, here are some pictures that I took for my hair stylist Alisha, who practices her amazing art at Mirror|Mirror in Austin, TX. Alisha is such a talented artist for hair, make-up, and photography and just about the most genuinely sweet person I have ever met, I love her. The model in the photos is another beautiful girl inside and out that I was lucky to work with named Blue. Blue has that timeless beauty that sets her apart from other pretty faces as stunning. Even her out takes were lovely. She was such a trooper, we shot these in 100+ degree weather and she smiled the whole time while I bossed her around and made her move in uncomfortable positions and places. I am so honored to have had part in this session. Enjoy the show...

{ timeless blue }

{ into the wild }

{ urban fairy tale }

{ blue }

{ blue }


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Anonymous said...

She's definitely the prettiest girl I've ever seen.