Saturday, August 13, 2011

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I know you all dislike posts without photos, however I have been shooting mainly commercial as of late and will share another time. I have been really swamped with work and events this month, but I really miss blogging so here is a little post that has been swimming around my wild thought life all morning.

It is my personal opinion that dates are stupid. I actually hate them. It feels to me like a painful job interview where someone is sizing me up to see if I am good enough and I have this minor feeling of guilt because I know for sure I'm not attracted to them as much as I require and I will probably never want to see them again. Actually, I always regret even saying "yes" to go on a date, there have been maybe 2 exceptions. So I've compiled a top 10 list of why (in my opinion) dating is for the birds...

*Disclaimer: If I were in a committed relationship these would not apply to the typical "date night" this is all in reference to the awkward "first date."

1. It's never convenient. It takes a whole big chunk of time out of my regularly scheduled life and for someone I will most likely never want to see again, that's asking a lot.

2. Conversation is forced. In time relationships develop and you get to know someone better and that's cool, but on a date there is that awful rapid fire question scenario that is literally the easiest way to kill any attraction that might have been felt. Truly, if you want to get to know someone, let it unfold naturally and organically.

3. Calories. I don't want to go out to eat that much, come on and suggest a good date like an outdoor activity or live music. I can literally make a post of BETTER DATE IDEAS that would be twice the length of this one.

4. Guys try too hard. It's not impressive, at all.

5. Dates are never funny. I need more laughter and I could probably be stupid at home and laugh more in one hour than I have collectively on every date I have been on in the last year (which really isn't a staggering number of dates, but truly guys...get a sense of humor).

6. A waste of money. Guys, you know you have thought that at some point in time.

7. The awkward silence. I won't say more about that.

8. The attempt of PDA. Ew, truly I would have let you know if I wanted anything physical AT ALL. I don't like people in my space unless I invite them close and I'm very affectionate, so can you imagine the girls who aren't?! They are probably repulsed when you go in for a kiss or hug.

9. Rejection. Given or taken it just isn't fun and can be avoided by not pushing someone into alone time right off the bat, just ease into something and get to know who they are from a little distance, if you mutually can't keep the distance...then have fun and keep it light. There are way too many 5 minute relationship status changes on Facebook already.

10. Ultimately, I need to be swept off my feet and dates are just too pre-meditated for my romantic imagination.



donya gjerdingen said...

Aw, I hope you are able to find a good, funny guy soon, Amelia. It really is amazing how hard dating can be when it doesn't evolve out of a friendship. You are definitely one strong girl though, and I know you'll find someone perfect for you.

amelia said...

You're so sweet! I genuinely don't want to find someone right now, but I am not opposed to it either, I'm just content. :) I agree though, relationships shouldn't just be conjured up from a date....hang out and be friends and know you really enjoy that person before being stuck wasting time and money on them. LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Amelia, I could have written this myself!! Please type out your "better dates ideas" list!

Keep writing for us, please, with or without photos. You're such a good writer, not to mention an intriguing and genuinely-lovely-seeming person.