Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{ it's like this now } - yoga. photography. healing. energy.

My teacher Denise says something all the time and it has become a mantra for me recently. She says "it's like this now." Without judgement, it just is.

I've missed this blog. Since April I have not had a working wireless internet connection at home and not much free time to tote my laptop around for writing. Tonight feels amazing to have my fingers gliding over these keys again. Sometimes being a single mom on a yoga teacher budget means taking time away from certain things, although it was not my preference to go without internet, I had to accept it and say "it's like this now."


Today I received the coolest news, actually a dream I have had since I was a child. I was honored to have my self portrait featured in Austin Fit Magazine! I will share more in a separate post to come, I'm truly in the most humbled and blissed out state today. In this moment too I am saying "it's like this now." The key is "now." Living in this moment, not past or future. I find myself drifting to the past often, just last night I had a sob fest in my car for someone I mourn the loss of. Plans for tomorrow's classes and schedules swirling in my head...future taking my attention from the now. When I choose to focus and join the flow of energy, I witness the most incredible things. Today such an overflow of pleasure as I guided three students into Hanumanasana (full splits) for the first time of their practice, I saw each face shining with delight and celebrating their triumph over fear. Each "now" holds some gift, sometimes it comes in the form of a lesson I have to learn and other times just as pure unadulterated joy. May I be ever grateful for all that is given to me and be here to experience each and every "now."

shoulder stretch - yoga

My love to each of you and heart full of thanks for your friendship, kindness, and encouragement to keep writing and shooting, you guys have really inspired me and your love is felt strongly. Thank you!



Josie said...

Beautiful photos. You have such a serenity and graceful poise in these photos. Though I don't have any tattoos, if I were to get one, I always wanted something like a flock of birds flying either on my back shoulder or across my front chest—like them, I have the wings to fly too.

Josie said...
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