Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{ a wish your heart makes } - yoga. photographer. austin, tx

In 2012 I was fortunate to be an employee for a wonderful brand of athletic gear. My specific role in this company was to work with others and self motivate with goal setting. I grew up surrounded by this jargon, they called it "dream building." My family was heavily involved in Amway when I was a child and the big schtick was to set goals and dream big. Grateful that I have since learned effective goal setting and the bliss of having a dream in my heart, I appreciate that I was exposed to this so early in my life to the idea of thinking outside of what I can easily believe possible. It was in this position as goal setting coach that I took a deep dive into what I honestly want now, in a year, in five years, in ten years......

My goals are this wide spectrum of amazing and ridiculous things I am choosing for my life. They range from spiritual healing to a hot bearded man with many beautiful things to fill life in between work and relationship. One thing I have held as a goal for myself since I was very young is to be in a magazine. When I was 13 my sister and I took turns snapping photos of each other to send to Seventeen Magazine, I cried when I received the "Thanks, but No Thanks" letter in the mail. My obsession with magazines is deep and to be in one has always felt like a fairytale to me, the icing to my cupcake. That is why I am almost without words to express how humbled and fantastically happy I am about having my self portrait featured in the July Issue of Austin Fit Magazine! A dream come true (because I have to be cheesy to clearly convey how awesome this feels to me)!!

austin fit magazine - amelia raun yoga

What I thought was going to be a small photo somewhere near the back of the magazine turned out to be a two page spread of my photo (and if you look close you can spot my nifty little remote control that I used to fire my own shutter) just a few pages into the magazine. I really want to thank the staff of Austin Fit for choosing my photo and for the beautiful job on the spread, thank you!!!

austin fit magazine - amelia raun yoga


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Emily said...

Awesome. I love that a dream of yours came true. Best news ever.