Saturday, July 20, 2013

{ within } - yoga photography musing

I love forward folds in yoga. There is no faster way for my focus to turn inward than to drop into a fold, I crave them. Feeling my belly breathe against my thighs, the stretch of my entire back body, it's like a delicious reprieve from all outside energy.

Tonight I'm folding. Being very still in my own space, in my body, taking that quiet peace all the way to my mind and spirit.

double leg stretch

Sometimes I really marvel at how simple some healing work can be. My deepest work recently has taken place as I sit and feel everything, without running away in fear, just feeling all that arises. That has manifest as copious amounts of crying, laughing until my cheeks hurt, grunting with anger, lathering my body with oil and blessing, even throwing rocks at the water. After the expulsion, it's wonderful, I turn inside witnessing that everything is just as it should be and I am still breathing. Not only have I survived, I've grown. I didn't turn away or run, I looked inside to the scariest parts and I found places to soften, to soothe, to release what is no longer serving me.

forehead to knee variation

This is yoga on and off the mat. Breathing, reaching a frightening precipice, breathing, trusting, breathing, stretching, breathing, realizing that I can change patterns in my life and transform my body. Even if I'm not sweating in a studio, I calm my mind, slow my heart rate, steady my gaze, this practice is truly mind, body, spirit.

Centered, I can give and receive love like I've never experienced. When I am strong in self, I am a better mama, teacher, friend, and future lover. Peace and grounding lovebugs, namaste.


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