Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{ face to floor } - yogi. photographer. austin, tx.

A series in prostration.

surrender - firelog

a series in prostration.

Head down.
Vision, come inside.
It's splendid my love, settle here.
Can you stay and hold me when I cry?
I only cry for a moment each time.
My eyes lift, clear, passionate, forgiving all I have seen.
Each bow renews innocence.
This wave I need.
I rise, I fold, my gaze paints my body.
Strong, so strong I tire.
Can I rest against you once? Twice?
Days away from you are the hardest.
I'm sorry I run away when I get scared, you wait for me patiently.
Head down, on your shoulder.
All day with you.
These tears are gratitude. This sweat is anointed oil.
My heart leaks through my body.
Deep inside, you touch skeleton, muscle, dreams.
Beloved, get closer.
I prostrate myself, take this honor.
Teacher, friend, lover, religion, balance, livelihood.
Head down, at your feet.

upavista konasana


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canvas prints said...

These are cool photos. how do you stretch like that.