Saturday, September 7, 2013

{ grace bath } - yogi. photographer. austin, tx.

I wasn't born graceful and sometimes I feel that it is unattainable for me. Today however, I recognize grace in my life. Where there is immense pain I have invited love, when I feel stiff I have moved toward fluidity, and as fear has escalated I have planted my feet in faith and friendship. This is grace, offered toward myself and others. It is a worthy quest I commit to. This is my work.


In a body that refuses to bend, I flourish through moveable joints.
I dance to my breath.
Sun touches my skin, it has not killed me.
Washed in light, it lands on me and flows like honey down my arms.
Dreams are nourished by this nectar.
Toes pointed, heart lifted, head thrown back in abandon.
The kind of passion that makes my unyielding back arch.
I feel the anchor inside me lift, I am weightless for this moment.
Sweep through me, swirl around me, carry me away.
Music, forgiveness, the salt of sweat and tears.
Graceful at last.


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