Monday, January 18, 2016

{ sweetness of the dessert } - yogi. mama. writer. lover. austin, tx.

Every once in a while I slip away, I go as far away as I can, my isolation amongst the living.
I seek solitude in my body, I sit in the quiet of my apartment and hear the cries of my soul.
From this place all my own I witness angels arguing and laughing, I play with them and braid their hair.
The floor at times feel tremulous and then solidifies as I curl my fingers into it's texture.
I'm here, fully alert, in awe, and extravagantly blessed.
This dessert, though painful to trek to, holds wonder I often forget.
I walked through the driest, grittiest, and unsightliest places to be here.
It's shimmering and I float in nectar I can taste through the pores of my skin.
Serenity not oblivious to pain, but rather here in a strong place so say "come here love, it'll be ok."
My hand reaches to soothe the hurting while I maintain my distance and hold myself.
Three stars glisten close to me, I hear their murmurs and giggles late at night and it's dazzling.
Stepping into the shadows and abandoning the demands of my mind.
This journey isn't simply spiritual, my fingers feel, my mouth tastes, I see more than ever before.
Able to give more of myself and simultaneously protect everything dear to me.
Enchanted by the smell of earth and the sound as my feet pad the ground.
Onward through dunes, lush forrest, busy streets, crowded rooms, I walk in my solitude.


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Kent Smith said...

"Onward through dunes, lush forrest, busy streets, crowded rooms, I walk in my solitude." Beautifully written, and very true.