Friday, March 23, 2007

The After Life

I've typed this silly thing 3 times and everytime my laptop has said it was overheated and totally SHUT DOWN!

So you're lucky, you are all getting the "Cliff's Notes" version of the story here.

The studio is pretty much FINISHED! Thank you to all who encouraged me (friends and family), inspired me (Heather Bailey, thank you for the push!), To my LilyPlum girls (it wouldn't have happened without you girls cheering me on), and all the shops and garage sales who think things I love are trash.


My journey began when we bought this house, for over a year I've been aching to make my sewing room reflect my style and the style of Sweet Feet Boutique the brand...some place I could create and feel like I was at home doing so. I called my old room the sewing "cave" because I felt like a captive in that color at times. Pink is my favorite, so that's where I started, I painted the walls "Crabapple" (look Erica, I spelled it right!) pink, it turned out just as I wanted.


My desire was to keep it happy, light, and I have been adding various colors I like, it reminds me of Lily Pulitzer to tell you the truth, it's so vibrant.

All the pieces of furniture are from garage sales or antique shops (with the exception of the white book case behind the chaise lounge). after_chaise1

The huge cork board above my work table is my "inspiration board" which was a plain frame I nabbed at a garage sale for $3.00 and painted "Clear Turquoise" by Kilz brand paint in ONE coat, it transformed instantly.working12

"Trish" my little hanger stand is showcasing my favorite things, hangers that belonged to my Grandmother Jeanell and my mom Cheryl, I love them (and the hangers are cute too).


That's about all I have time to share this morning...thanks for the loving comments and all the compliments, you have truly blessed me, this project was fun but taxing to do in such a short time. Thanks for the boost!



Lisa~ said...

Oh man, that is so cute!! What a great job! I can't believe you did all that with three girls to chase after, I am so jealous!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Amelia you are so talented, in so many ways. I'm just in awe of your new studio and think it's GORGEOUS. I love the colors and that Heather Bailey gave you a push to do it, well that is just so cool. The colors you picked and the pieces you have found are awesome.

Congratulations on your masterpiece girl! It looks FAB!!


OliveJuice said...

Oh Amelia! It turned out FANTASTIC! My favorite part is the chaise area because I imagine you taking a little siesta in your office and dreaming up all sorts of beatiful new SFB creations. It's a wonderful space. Great job!
Happy Friday my friend~

Amelia said...

Thank you all!!

I couldn't have done all of this without Matt helping watch the girls for a few hours each day during his Spring Break, it was a life saver.

The chaise is my newest piece and something I have wanted my whole life! I hope to design many outfits sitting in that chair!

Thank you again!!


PamperingBeki said...

Oh, I LOOOVE that tgreen on the shelves! Gorgeous.


Traci said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your room...just makes ya wanna smile!! I also ADORE the dresser you did! I bought one similar also from a garage sale. Mine has a natural brown finish. Its very pretty but I kinda wanted to paint it, make it fresher and brighter but was scared to paint over the natural finish. You though have inspired me with sharing what you did ....I just LOVE it. What a talent you are!!!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

It's beautiful! You really outdid yourself !


deb said...

Oh my.. I found you through Kim (is she not the sweetest?!) Your studio is heavenly and so inspiring. I'm off to poke a bit more. :)

Amelia said...

Awe thank you!!

It's great to meet you all!

Deb~ Your letters rock!!


vintagechicboutique said...

WoW! It is really beautiful. You are very inspiring. My sewing room looks terrible! The only color is from the fabric thrown all over the place!


Amelia said...

Thanks Chelsea! It was well worth all the work for me, I love it now.


Erin said...

Your room totally inspired me to fix mine up, but have been told I have to finish taking down the 80's wallpaper in our master bath and paint it- all of which I started about a month ago- first...*sigh* !

Amelia said...

Thanks Erin! There is joy in a project completed....I hope you get that wallpaper off without trouble.


The Lazy Organizer said...

How fun! I need to get busy with my studio!