Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break or Spring Work???

As you may well know by now, my husband is a teacher and coach. Spring is his busiest season because of golf (coaching and playing). This week is Spring Break, or so we've been told.

Just like any good wife I've let him rest and tried to help him relax a bit....but that was earlier in the week. The last couple of days I have put this poor man to work as a mover, baby-sitter, and psychologist. *I love you Matt!* Of all the ways to spend his last couple of days off, he has allowed me to go full force in redecorating my sewing room to make it the studio I've been needing.

*** I must insert a HUGE thank you to my friends in LilyPlum for the motivation and Heather Bailey for the inspiration that one can have her cake and eat it too! ***

I'm journaling this both with photos and stories. I hope you enjoy this as much as I has already afforded me much pleasure by saying "good-bye" to one wall of yucky mustard-baby-poo-colored-paint.


--erica said...

oh amelia! that color is divine!!!

I want to work this weekend too! You're inspiring.

Amelia said...

Thanks Erica...I'm loving it. I feel like Barbie!


Lisa~ said...

Awww what a sweet hubby! Lucky girl you are:)